Current Scale only in inch. How to change in metre?

In SketchUp Model / View I can change the scale to metric-system. But clicking on Ortho, it shows inch again. I allways have an eye on the current scale to have an idea about choosing the best scale.
Please, can someone check it?

@Barbara are you changing them in the Model Info dialog?

scroll down to Units on this page Model Info Help

LayOut also has its own Units setting (File menu>Document setup>Units)


Settings are metre.

Scale in metric-system

Scale after clicking ortho-button it shows inches

a drawing scale is in general dimensionless, the units are shown as examples of the respective scale only.

Maybe that’s why the people never meet their wanted scale. A bit confusing. The tree is only an example to show what happens. What about floorplans?
So the metre-settings have no affect. What are they for?

Note that you can apply a scale only to parallel projection views, not perspective.

Another thing: prepare your views in SketchUp and save them as scenes. Then you can set the LayOut viewports to use the views. That is the only way you can keep your LayOut views the same when the SketchUp model is modified and reloaded. Your screenshots show a reference to “Last saved SketchUp view” that will change when the model is saved.


sorry, I’m not talking about viewports or scenes.
I’m talking about the changing from Dezimal to Fraktional by hiting the ortho-button.

I don’t see anything fractional in your screenshot, just a decimal number. Hitting the Ortho button just switches to an arbitrary scale - you should be able to select a scale from the scale list after that. I have never touched the Ortho button as I always prepare my views in SketchUp prior to switching over to LayOut.


a drawing scale does not have a unit because it is… a scale, i.e. a ratio of the true size of the geometry in SU in relation to the size of the output on the printer. Just select the desired scale form the dropdown list or define a custom one and you’re done.

The values and untis are probably shown for less savvy users explaining how the drawing scale will affect the geometry for the print out, i.e. a scale of 1:10 will print 10 untis in SU as 1 unit on the printer.

But this is nothing new and how a drawing scale works in every common CAD application.

Ok, I understand. Nobody really works with Layout for architekt. In representations no scale is needed.

There is no scale needed for printing in this projekt. It just has to fit to page.
But, never thouch the ortho-button or zoom the viewport, after adding things in layers, you wouldn’t come back to fit, without doing it again. That’s not SketchUp like.

The scale (or clipping) only affects the viewport and forgets the layers… That’s the problem.
Even CorelDraw can take all layers with it by changing the scale. I believe photoshop does and all CAD-systems do for sure.
Please, don’t tell me LayOut will stay this way, your are kidding me.