Curic Extension: DCUI - Dynamic Component UI

Do you have more extensions installed?

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Hi I have a question,
In your components do you use dc formulas implemented in drop down list?
I am using 2019 su and still can’t get it working with my dc. Would you be so kind and test also my cabinet if it works fir you? You can find it in thi topic.
Thanks for your help in advance

Hi @MikeWayzovski do you mean me ? If i have mo extensions installed? If so than yes i use few extensions in my workflow.

ok I will look at your CD precisely, but I don’t have too much time at the moment and it is not easy in Slovenian (congratulations on the victory of your compatriots in the cycling tour de France) :wink:
I will try the translation with my google friend :innocent:

but I still tried and already there are missing textures or colors this generates errors
to share the DC
I put the whole palette of colors hidden in my component like that the whole palette follows the model

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i am using different pallete because customers could choose from more than 300 colors.
i forgot i did not upload the pallete as well. i do it now with the same s1d cabinet.

thank for the greetings but i am slovakian and our best Peter Sagan unfortunately did not do that great. But the slovinian guys were really great. :slight_smile:s1d.skp (6.9 MB)
mz sketchup just keeps crashing if i do anything.
thanks for your time

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Hi again,
I have upgraded to su2020 and I found out that it is not crashing any more. But it is not working at all if you put formula in dc list value. It just does nothing. Is anyone experiencing the same issue?
Any advice is welcome . Thank you.
@MikeWayzovski after upgrade I installed only curic studio and curic dcui and it is not working anyway.

It might be related with the complexity of your DC…


yes maybe your DC too complicated? at home with your DC it’s very very long when I change a parameter
you tried with a simple DC? try with my DC with DCUI options on 3d warehouse

Well it is one of the easiest ones I have. :grin:
I had played around with it again and created simple component with only two attributes. Than one of them was list attribute there the value was dc formula referring to second attribute and than it did not work at all.
And I don’t think it is a complicated dc at all.
It just doesn’t support formulas in lists value. Bummer.
I will find the way around it. Thanks guys for your time.

@tenrev it shouldn’t take so much time if you import the last s1d with materials i uploaded.

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I uninstalled this today (2021-09-14). Participating was not a good experience.

I will no longer test nor use Curic extensions.

Reason: I do not support shadow banning other developers extensions simply because of competition.