Curic Extension: DCUI - Dynamic Component UI

Hi everyone! I just released the public beta of a new extension called Curic DCUI

Curic DCUI is a tool to help to design a custom display interface for the Dynamic Component Options

More Display Types: The native tool just has 2 display types: Textbox and Listbox. Curic DCUI has more than 10 display types.

More Layouts: The native tool just creates a list of options, Curic DCUI provides many layout and structure types. Group, Block with 1 or 2 columns, Block in Block so more columns, Fieldset with the legend is a checkbox or switch…

And more features:

  • Suggestion for textbox:
  • Tooltip:

Check it out! Download here.

  • Version: 1.0.0 Public Beta
  • OS Compatibility: Windows, macOS
  • SketchUp Version: SketchUp 19, SketchUp 20
  • Example: Check 3D Warehouse Collection

Plugin is free for use and required Curic Studio to edit.


Looks crazy good so far.

What style are the controls ? They look a bit “Macish”.

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I used Element UI :smiley:

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This is amazing looking so far can’t wait to get it for testing. Something that was missing with dc’s. :clap:

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@voquochai it doesn’t work for me. When u hit apply changes it crashes sketchup. Also it doesn’t hold option edition so when you restart sketchup you have to do it again.
I’m 2019 user.

Downloading Curic sample components via the “Component Sampler” button on the
Curic “Component Options+” dialog does not work.

(I had to do a “Curic” search in the Components inspector and d/l the sample “Table” component manually, before this dialog began working correctly.)

No component is downloaded, or I get a "Just a few questions… dialog from the 3DW asking to set my location. The dialog disappears after a few seconds, and nothing is downloaded.

  • Also there’s no tooltip for the slider switch to the right of the search box.
    What does the switch do? EDIT: Okay I see, it changes the thumbnail size.

  • And the search box also does nothing.

  • And the “Let’s download …” text is a bit small. This text could also be within tooltip.

  • Edit switch needs a tooltip.

DCUI Collection does not appear unless some other DCUI component is selected in the model.

Hi @DanRathbun . may i ask you to help me test my cabinet? @voquochai doesn´t reply to our comments so would need your help to find out if it is doing the same on your sketchup as well as on mone. . i attache video to show you what it does and it is simply crashing after hitting apply. and also cabinet nested component. thanks in advace. Miro

S1D.skp (3.8 MB)

I need to do some outside fence work. I get back to ya’ later.

I did get the Curic DCUI window to suddenly close once. But it did not crash SketchUp.

Something is wrong with the DCUI as it should not replace options with numeric values.

Thank for checking it. Maybe the crashing has something to do with skp 2019 too. It is actually upgraded 2018. I don’t get it.
And the creator is not responding to forum.

I dunno. Maybe he has another day job? It is beta version. We are supposed to break it. :wink:

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Hi @pupoksveta

When I tried it there’s 3 weeks… Yes

Now, I can’t do a test immediately but I’ll tell you if it’s OK with your cabinet as soon as I can…

I’ve tried with your cabinet … and it was ok with SU2020 (no problem)

so, i tried again with SU2019 … no bug splash but SU closed (?) …

Thanks for testing @djoseph I find this plugin very useful if it works with su2019 . I suppose I will never find out why it is happening.

you(re welcome :wink:

i’ve just tried with a (really) simple DC (box, editable dimensions and a scaletool) with SU19 … and it didn’t closed … have you tried with another DC than your cabinet ?

Not yet haven’t got time left. But it doesn’t solve the problem. If you have time for another test…Would you use formulas in drop down list and try again?
I sent an email to curic4su as well but he is not easy to reach.
I tried all my components I just shared simple one. And trust me there are few pretty complicated. :grin:

The Curic DCUI RBZ installation put a "__MACOSX" folder in my "Plugins" folder …
%AppData%\SketchUp\SketchUp 2020\SketchUp\Plugins\__MACOSX\curic_dcui\ui\css\images
… with a "._texture.jpg" file in it.

These folders need to be deleted from a zip archive before you publish it as an RBZ.

No change. It’s still crashing the sketchup after apply.

Ok so I left message to curic asking for help and support with problem with his dcui plugin, here, on his page on Facebook, sent him email. I get absolutely zero answer by now.
Now I find it really unprofessional because even if this beta version is still just beta download for “free” and test . Than when you download it you find out that it runs only if you install curic studio which cost 100 bugs. I don’t have any use for the plugins included in studio but I was willing to pay it to get dcui running.
It is really dodgy behaviour of curic when you get no answer to any of massages asking for help with product you paid 100 bugs for.


i started using DCUI, here is my first custom dynamic component with DCUI
the component is in french with my youtube video for the explanations in french (with english subtitles)

the video is here

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