Curic Extension: Extend Tool

Hi, I’ve just released a new extension for SketchUp is Curic Extend. Hope you like it.

  • Sketchup version: 2017+
  • OS Compatibility: Windows, macOS

More info on the Facebook page - Check it out: Curic

Get the plugin here: Extension Warehouse



Looks useful. Any plans to extend it to Macs?

From the functionality I would guess it does not use anything Windows-specific. Though I assume Hai wants to be able to test before selling it, as well as macOS customers would want to be sure it works on their system before buying it.

Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a free reference OS implementation so that developers can target and offer software for macOS (like there exists for Windows)?


Yes, will support macOS soon.


it looks similar to D.Bur’s projections and guide tool

maybe it works on mac?

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The basic difference in my tools compared to most other tools is that it can work with multiple groups/components’s faces at once.

  • Drill deep into nested goup/components, you don’t need to go to the inner end to select the face you want to edit.

  • Even when you’re inside a group/component, you can still edit the faces of group/components outside the active model.

  • And the final result is that your group /component still solid.

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Any chance of updating Curic_to_Level, I can not s
eem to get it workng with 2019…

I will check it! and hope Ruby ​API will have a method to set active entities.
@tt_su, Is it possible for a method like Sketchup.active_model.active_entities = instance_path ?

great, I just bought the extension, just waiting for MAC support, great job!!! you should sell a full package of all your extensions with a discount!

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Looks great. I’m on a Mac, though.

In the late 1980’s, I had an early BIM program called Mac Architrion. Comparing SU’s real time rendering of navigation operations and section plane animation to 1988 Architrion is night and day progress. In deed, when an @Last representative showed me moving a section plane at a trade show in 2002, I was sold on the spot. The capability to extend a wall up to a sloped ceiling was one thing Architrion could do, so it’s with a strange sense of déjà vu three decades later that I get excited about adding this capability to SU.


Amazing tutorial is all about Curic Extend by TutorialsUp

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I bought the extension and i get an error …

So don’t buy it until he fixes the bug.

Hi @visualadvice, currently Extend just support for Windows OS so can’t run on macOS.
Sorry about this, will support macOS soon.
Do you want to refund? What’s your email address?

Hi, I have the same problem working with macOS.
Is this update coming soon otherwise it would be nice to get the refund and I buy it again when it works. Thanks, D.

Hello, could the extension be used in multiple pc?

Hi, I have just updated to support for macOS. Please download the latest version.

You can install on two computers with one license.

Now support for macOS!


Hi Voquochai,

1000 thnxs for mac release
thats great news!

hope your other plugins will also come to mac.


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Thanks! Now DIO2, OI, Extend, Stretch, Hidden and Section View is available for Mac :smiley:
You can get plugins here.