Curic Extension: Zoom Through

Zoom through objects

Hi everyone, I just released a new plugin for SketchUp to help control the camera in a narrow view.
I created it when modeling the ceiling with a bad experience when the camera was constantly being obscured by walls and furnitures.
Hope you like it!

Version: 1.0.0
SketchUp Compatibility: SketchUp 2016+
Get the extension here


Where can we find this extension? I cannot find it in EWH and Sketchucation.

It’s free but you can enter a ‘fair’ price for the extension…

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I made a wall with “MAJ Wall Maker” extension but it seems your extension cannot work for this wall. Would you please check it and let me know the problem?

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I installed this extension and it seems to work fine on a very simple model (just a straightforward box).

However, on a more complex model, where it would be much more useful, it seems to have no noticeable effect. I have tried changing the distance it works at, but neither lengthening nor shortening makes it work.

Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks

what’s complex?

I don’t produces ‘boxes’ - I model existing residential properties and work on extending and altering them and the plugin seems to work ok for me so far

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Can you share that model?

Many thanks for your reply – I really appreciate your offer to help.

It’s a very big file (20+ MB) and although I’ve tried to reduce it, I can’t seem to get it below 11 MB. I’ve removed a number of entities from the Warehouse that I thought might be increasing the size, and that tool out 9 MB, and I’ve purged the file too. Maybe something underlying that is the problem with the Zoom through extension?