Curic Extensions: Face Knife

We have just released a new extension for SketchUp is Curic Face Knife :hocho:

It’s use to trim objects by face easily and quickly.

You can get it here (free): Curic Face Knife

Hope you like it!


I love this plugin but I can’t get it to work! I installed SketchupPlus and it seems that it can’t work alongside each other. Does anyone has the same problem?

Schermafbeelding 2021-09-14 101302

Extensions should be evaluating within their own namespace modules
and should never interfere with one another !

This message box is a deliberate act by Curic’s code after having detected that SketchPlus was also installed.

There is no reason why the 2 extensions should not coexist peacefully on users machines.
Let the user decide what tools they wish to use.


Okay…I asked Curic for a reaction by mail why I got this error; “Not an error, just not support.”

Based on that I won’t be using any Curic extensions. I’ve removed the ones I had.


I also.


This is very, very disappointing and upsetting.

I’ve come to rely on their DIO extension.

I’m finding it very difficult to understand why - as is transpiring, it’s so not in their interest to do this!

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I think Curic is doing right.
SketchPlus is a bad clone of Curic’s Free Tools from idea to UX and UI.
Cloning is even more obnoxious than cracking.
They should at least credit it from Curic.


What he’s doing is absolutely NOT right of course. If he has a problem with SketchupPlus, he has to sort things out with them, not blocking them. Sketchup is an open source platform and if developers can choose for us users which plugins we can and should use this will be the end of further developments.



If SketchPlus is a bad clone as you put it, then you let the users decide what extension is the best for them.

I use many of Curic’s free and paid extensions.

This action by Curic is wrong and has left a very unpleasant taste in the mouth!


It’s very concerning…

I think knife tool is excellent.
Curic give it for users for free with a very reasonable condition: Stop using the product that someone has stolen from him. That’s all!

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This is not where the discussion is about, whether is a good plugin or not. I even paid for that plugin (got my money back).

The knife tool is indeed excellent and I could have made use of it on several projects this year.

I was considering actually naming a good fair price for this extension but I’m holding back now.

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Example: Openoffice and MS Office provides the same functions and tools - does openoffice has stolen stuff from MS?
Its the nature of software development, that you can get a similar set of tools and functions and UI and what ever from different developer.


If you want to use, accept his terms of services. It:s the basic thing.

Thats your opinion without any evidence!
Its bad behaviour to force the user to use only the “true” extensions because the author is not happy that someone else made a similar extension.

To say that you can NEVER make anything if an alternative version already exists is just not realistic. The SketchUp Extension community has grown and thrived for years by ideas going between developers, getting fine tuned and offered in new/different ways.

I do not see SketchPlus at theft. I DO see refusing to run if someone else’s extension is installed as a poor choice. SketchUp is a collaborative, open platform. It is part of the reason that people use SketchUp.


I doubt whether this is against the conditions of Trimble Sketchup itself.

Why SketchUp Plus 's mirror tool is exactly the same as Curic’s instead of TIG’s ?