Ctrl+z shouldn't count as "ctrl changes behavior"

In Sketchup web, when using the rectangle tool, if I make a mistake, I can use the near-universal ctrl+z keymap to undo it. In doing so, it changes from “start at corner” to "start at center. It took me forever to even figure out what it was doing, but apparently, pressing ctrl changes the “mode” of the tool. It’s pretty unusual for a modifier key to do anything without being combined with a letter. I was switching to pointer and back to “reset” it.
The behavior seems to be mapped to “key up” – i.e. it doesn’t change until you release ctrl – but it would be far more intuitive for a key combination (i.e. ctrl + <key>) to “cancel out” that press of ctrl. I’m a tech nerd, so I fully understand the desire for “power user” hotkeys, but I would think it rare that anyone actually intends to both of those operations at the same time. Maybe it could be an option if people are used to it.

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Any active tool can be reset by hitting ‘Escape’.
It will put the tool in it’s ‘initial state’ .
Once the tool has reached it’s ending state (eg. Select first point then second point with clicking for the rectangle tool) undoing is available (eg. Ctrl +Z or via the icons at the top)

There is an existing bug report about this, SKIT-5008 in our system. I added a link to your post so that the team will know that the problem is still happening.

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@MikeWayzovski Escape doesn’t reset the “mode”.

  • choose rectangle tool
  • draw a rectangle, either by clicking and dragging, or by clicking once, moving, and clicking again
  • rectangle appears onscreen
  • press ctrl+z
  • rectangle disappears, and also the status bar changes from “Click to set first corner” to “Click to set center”. I.e. it registered both “user pressed and release ctrl”, as well as “user pressed ctrl+z”.

Pressing escape there doesn’t change it back to “corner mode”.

Escape ‘resets the mode’ when you have selected the rectangle tool and selected a starting point, or selected a starting point and started entering dimensions.

The desktop ctrl+shift ‘feels better’ than ctrl+z (or ctrl+z, crtl+z) in the web version.

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