Creating surface

Hi, Im struggling create a curved surface to fill this gap. I’m using the trial version of sketchup. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

You could help us help you if you upload your SketchUp file. You can stitch the vertices between the points on the curves or you might be able to use an extension like Curviloft (from Sketchucation) to do it.

Perhaps you could also correct your profile since there is no Free/Wb version of SketchUp 2020. You are using SketchUp Pro instead.

Thanks Dave, heres my file
skatebowl.skp (969.8 KB)

So Curviloft would work nicely for that. Select the perimeter edges and run the extensions. You should explode that component in the center, though so you can access the top edge.

You should also correct the face orientation on the blue faces. Select them, right click on them and choose Reverse Faces.

Curviloft at this link. Make sure to also install the current LibFredo6 support files.

Yo can download CURVILOFT extension. (free) Select both faces you want to join and use the curved path (bottom line curved line) . (you may need to join the right angled surfaces with another path line). You are very close to a solution. Good luck.

With some cleanup and more surface creation with Curviloft, you have a nice Skatebowl.

skatebowl.skp (935.1 KB)

Thanks so much it worked! Just one more question, in your GIF how did you select the whole line? When I try to select it only selects a segment. Thanks again

Your edges were exploded into their segments. You could go through and select them individually. I used a tool called Eneroth Auto Weld to weld them back together. You can get that one from the Extension Warehouse. It’ll save a lot of time.

You’re amazing!
Much appreciated