How to fill in the edges of the circular surface like this more easily without manually drawing lines between edges?

hello everyone, i’m working on creating a surface with curved edges that have two cut out circular holes in the module. intersecting between two solid interfaces worked fine, but i’m wondering if there is an easier way to fill in the surface gaps instead of manually drawing each line? even pointing me in the direction of a similar post would be helpful.

I would have cut the shape initially with another solid object and used the Solid Tools for that. At this stage, Curviloft from Sketcucation would make quick work of it.

Subtract. I used Bool Tools 2 instead of the native Solid Tools.



I would have made the primary shape a solid, then made 2 cylinders and used the solid tools to subtract the cylinders from the primary shape.


Given the current state of your model, the simplest fix may be to start over. Erase all but the bottom face, push pull it to height. Then create a cutter cylinder, position it, and use solid tools trim or subtract to cut the opening. The solid tools will preserve the faces that span 5e cut, whereas intersect will not.

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Hi yes, all three elements were solids but it still cut gaps when I used “Intersect Faces with Model” command so I think there was some mismatch with the way I did it but I filled the curved space in using curviloft.

I’ll install Bool Tools because the Solid Tools seem to have an odd effect on my models. But, curviloft worked fine! Thank you so much!

Honestly, don’t know why Solid Tools didn’t work initially lol. But I just retried it, and it worked. Sometimes you need to start over, I suppose.


Intersect faces will do just that - intersect faces. It does not create new geometry.

What was the odd effect? The native Solid Tools do convert components they modify to groups. BoolTools2 does not do that which is why I have the Bool Tools 2 toolbar out, not the native Solid Tools.

Curviloft is handy for a lot of things where Solid Tools or Bool Tools 2 wouldn’t even come into play.

FWIW, Mike is correct that Intersect Faces does not create new geometry however if the intersecting faces are in the same context, i.e. inside the same component, it’s much the same. The surfaces filling the cut out areas are the remains of the cylinders. For example:
I used keyboard shortcuts to cut the cylinders to the clipboard and then paste them in place after opening the component for editing. I used Ctrl+A to select all geometry before intersection.

Not quite correct. It creates edges, but not faces or surfaces. Unless, as @DaveR noted, the edges cut an existing face into parts.

Correct, I should have been more precise with my wording. It won’t create new geometry where there is not an intersection, and it only creates that - the intersecting geometry.