Creating solid groups using 'Follow me'

chess.skp (427.5 KB)

I’m relatively new to SU and I’m using SU Pro 2019.

I’m following the SU skill builder videos (excellent) and I’m making the chess pieces.

Using ‘Follow me’ to create the body of the pawn, I end up with a simple group. I’ve had about 10 attempts and I always end up with a small hole at the head of the pawn. Any ideas please?

You need to work at a larger size. SketchUp won’t make the tiny faces although they can exist. Or use the Dave Method.

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Briliant, thank you. Thanks also for the Dave method.

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Happy that helped.

As for the Dave Method, I can’t say that I invented it although I have used it for well over a decade. Someone else named it because I’ve shown it numerous times as a possible solution to the exact problem you had.

Question there is there a way to only do 360 degrees as I got a bit over run and a lump to remove . . did not see it until Slic3r got done with it and made a big fix and a entire spot was missing . .

After Reapair it looked like this

How would you get over 360° if you are using a circle as a Follow Me path?

Maybe a glitch due to the profile not being perpendicular to the first segment of the path?

That could be. I figured Lynne has been at this for so many years and it’s come up with her in the past so she should have that part straight.

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I thought it was flat made a Square with center marked with two lines from corner to corner and go from there to make the 1 side and the circle around the Base . . ( this is inside the sort of Box in 3D printing in MM which comes up So you know If your part is to big for Printer ) . . Moving the Item to the Very corner is a Major PAIN IN THE ! ! . .Now there is AN Ideal for programmers a tool to move WHAT EVER to the Origin or Aline to Origin . . . . Have had to make a part in 2 parts before as it was over11 inches across and Plate is only 200 mm across ( equals 7.874 Inches ) So it got made in 5.5 inch wide parts ( 139.7 mm wide part ) Convert All in Linux does all the converting back and forth for me from inches to mm