Creating Front, Side and Rear Elevations with Match Photo

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Probably me being up too late last night working, and having a ‘Moment’, but I’ve just created a Model using Match Photo, and, while I have created a Match Photo Scene, I also want to create Front, Side, Plan Elevations etc.

However, for some reason the Standard View Toolbar is disabled, greyed out. Screenshot attached.

Would anyone be able to help and remind me of the mistake I’ve made. I don’t use Match Photo that much, so am sure I have forgotten something.

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An update…

Odd, but when I closed the file, and then reopened it, the Toolbar was not greyed out, and I can now create Front, Plan views etc.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


simplistically, Match New Photo is a Camera/View type…

switching to Perspective or Parallel Projection should enable the other views…

although, in the past, restarting my mac seemed to be the only way to escape it…


I have a Mac and I made a Match Photo view. I can say this did not prevent the Standard Views toolbar from working.

If you are in the Match Photo edit mode the views would be disabled and the toolbar buttons grayed out. Is the image a large file?

It’s worth noting that most Properties to save are unticked in the Scenes panel and you’ll generally need to deal with them when making new scenes.

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Hi @DaveR

The image is not very large at all.

When you say Match Photo Edit Mode, what do you mean? I had set the photo up and clicked Done in the Match Photo dialogue ready to start modelling.

I was doing the actual Modeling. Even when I changed Scenes back to my ‘Working Model’ Scene to orbit around to the other side, (the photo disappears as expected), I could still not click on Plan, Side, Front views etc. They were still greyed out.

I had saved the Model, so I closed the file and then reopened it, and all the selections were then available.


You would exit Edit Mode when you click Done.

As I said, I wonder if something just hung in the software.

Yeah, I’m thinking that was the case. Some weird oddity.

As I said before, I don’t use it a great deal anyway.


I’ve seen this behavior as well with the standard views greyed out. I hadn’t associated it with Match Photo, though that’s possible. I wondered if it was just me, but now I see I’m not alone.

Hi @DaveR

Apologies for being a pain, but are you online?

Having the same issues with this Match Photo again, and would be good if you could see it.


That’s not being a pain. :wink: I sent you a PM.