Creating curb cut ramp.... street elevation to driveway elevation

Simply want to be able to select a face (or an edge) and lower one of the edges relative to the other edges for x distance so that one edge remains at one elevation & the two perpendicular edges slope down to the single lowered edge.

Select the edge and use the move tool, start the move, type in the distance you want to move it, hit enter.

Worked like a charm… in a test model.
Tried again in my actual site model and see now why I was having issues. The rectangle I’m trying to reposition one of the edges of has sides with broken edges… so creating a multi faceted ramp. Can’t figure out how to clean this up without screwing up my site model lol. Hopefully someone will show me a way to connect line segments on an edge. Really is one of my biggest hurdles now that you showed me how to heal a face!

I already did.

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As I mentioned in your other thread, healing an edge is different to welding edges.
Removing a vertex like I showed in that thread makes the edge one again, but if you just want many edges to behave as one you can weld them.
You see here even tho it is a straight edge after welding it is now called a curve and still retains the a segments that it was originally.

Thanks again Box-
I appreciate the clarification and make sense. Note that however it looks like 2017 Pro doesn’t have the weld context right click menu. That kind of sucks.
A little tidbit of something else I noticed that has me confused.
It doesn’t appear that the boundaries always retain their “segmentedness” once adjoining geometry gets deleted. In other words, no rhyme or reason but it seems the boundary heals itself sometimes.
As an example I drew a rectangle with some other rectangles off to the side but physically connected and the perimeter was segemented as I would expect (now). But! When I deleted the rectangles (and also a line that I drew across the rectangle that also separated into segments) the segments disappeared. Don’t get it. This doesn’t seem to be the case when I’m modeling… segments seem to be retained always when other geometry is removed.
Any idea what going on?

If you draw an edge from a vertex in a segmented straight line, then delete the new edge, SU will delete the vertex as it cleans up after the edit.

Alternatively you can select then delete the whole of the segmented edge, then redraw it as one edge.

The native R-click Weld Edges was newly added in v 2020 (I think).

For SU before v2020 you can find a plug-in - there are several, in either the Extension Warehouse or the SketchUcation Plug-in Store. Search ther for Weld.

Thanks John for the explanation. I’ll look into getting that extension as well.