Creating a templates in LayOut

Is there a beginner tutorial for creating a template in LayOut? I would like to save a title bar and fonts as default.
Thank you!

I’ve not seen a tutorial for that but it isn’t terribly difficult. I follow these steps.

Open a new file.
In Document Setup, set paper size and orientation, grid display if you want it, Auto text objects (I create custom auto text things for stuff that goes in the title block that isn’t the same from document to document.)
Add Layers as desired making sure they are in the right order. Layers for text like labels and dimensions are at the top of the list.
Add page borders, title block text, page numbers etc. Make sure those are on the correct layers. Remember you can set layers to share their content across pages so things like page numbers or borders can be on a shared layer so you only insert or create them once.
For fonts and things like label leader and dimension line appearance, I create a text box, a label, and a dimension. Then I edit the font, leader style and dimension properties as needed. After I make the changes to each of those I get the tool again, hit S to sample the style and click on the existing, edited entity. This will set those tools up to duplicate the settings you made. After the settings are made, you can delete those entities since you won’t need them again.
Right before clicking File>Save as template I set the first Model layer as the active one since a viewport from SketchUp is most likely the first thing that will go into a new LayOut project. Here is the list of layers from one of my templates.
Screenshot - 8_19_2020 , 1_40_41 PM

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Thank you.