Creating a simple wire frame animation

Confession - I’m a total SketchUp noob.

A simple problem - I need to export a very short animation for use in a presentation. The animation is simply two scenes of a banana. From Scene 1 to Scene 2 the camera rotates only 90 degrees.

My intent is to show this as a wireframe, however, when I animate within SketchUp or export as a png sequence or an avi, the wireframe disappears and I see only a partial edge/outline of the banana.

Yet, each scene displays correctly when static (and I’ve updated the scenes repeatedly).

What am I doing wrong?

Can you upload the banana?
7th icon from left or drag and drop
Did you updated the used style as well?

Make sure there’s a wireframe style in your “In Model” styles.



Well, duh … why didn’t I think of the Style? I guess that confirms my noob status.

Thanks to both Forestr and Mike Wayzovski for the quick replies.


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