Help with exporting

Can anyone tell me after I purchased the student version of Sketch Pro and try to export a video, why am I only getting a stick drawing? All of the imagery is gone. It is an X-ray view only. Does the pro version allow for more than this to be exported? Do I have the settings wrong? I’m a very, very new beginner. Thank you.

It would probably be best to share the file you are working on, or show us the animation that is being created. You will probably get more help if we can see what is happening.

Short answer is, yes, you should be able to export everything with your version of SU Pro. It is possible that you have an issue with the style that you have set.

Thank you for your response. Could you tell me how to adjust the style, assuming that is the problem? I don’t want to upload the video. It is pretty lame. I was just experimenting to see what the export video would look like.

Styles are controlled in the Styles window.

Your animation SHOULD reflect your active style… again, it is hard to help out much more without seeing what you are seeing.

There have been reported cases where exports come out as wireframe views although the style isn’t set that way. In most cases turning off Hardware Acceleration in Preferences>OpenGL seems to fix that. If that does fix it, you should check for driver updates for your graphics card or it may be that the card isn’t the best for the job.

It seems to happen mostly with Intel graphics chips or AMD graphics cards.


Thank you all for your replies! Yes, that did seem to solve the problem. However, my professor just now noticed that when I used Adobe Acrobat on another computer rather than my free PDF printer software, it also solved the problem. I guess I should invest in Acrobat on my personal computer so that I will not have to use the suggested work-around.

The wireframe effect is almost certainly due to a graphics driver issue. It is not about Acrobat, and, also, Acrobat has nothing to do with exporting animations from SketchUp (Otherwise I too prefer the Adobe Acrobat over other alternatives).

As you are using the Pro version, you can also use the LayOut application to create your PDF output, and SketchUp Pro has also its own PDF/EPS exporter. The latter is, however, vector-only, so textures and shadows are not exported.