Creating a curved shape within a 3D Curve


I’ve drawn a hedge which is in a curve shape. This is a plan for a garden and we’d like to scallop out the centre similar to that shown in the image below but imagine the hedge is also curving (and not straight). I’d like the back ‘curve’ in the hedge to be wider than the front - imagine if you drew a line from a central point and ran it through the hedge.

I’m not sure how to create this in SU. Also attached is my attempt thus far. Any pointers welcomed.


Screenshot 2020-10-30 at 16.09.55

Are you using SketchUp Pro? If so you can use the ‘Solid Tools’ to ‘subtract’ the curved scalloped area from your curved hedge. See example:

ShapeBender plugin

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Have you been here at all.

No I hadn’t; will have a look. Thank you

I like this tremendously - thank you

Thanks Eric!

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