Trying To Learn Round and Curved Shapes

Greetings ~ I’m pretty good at Sketchup for straight lines and regular shapes (e.g. dimensional lumber). I’m trying to get better at working with curved and round shapes.

I want to model the raspberry trellis support I’m making. It’s an 8ft fence round fence pole with 2x4 horizontal supports at 12 in from top and 36 in from top. What I want to do as a learning exercise is to “cut” out the notches for the horizontal supports from the pole. I can make all of the shapes and move them into place to look like what I’m building. I cannot figure out how to make voids in the pole at the proper places. Can someone give me a clue or two?

Thank you!

Which version of SketchUp are you using? Please complete your profile.

If you have access to the Solid Tools you could use them to trim the pole with the cross members. If you don’t have access to the Solid Tools, you could use Intersect Faces to do it. The exact method will depend on exactly how you’ve created the parts. If I were modeling this sort of thing I would have made the pole a component as well as each of the cross members. I would then cut the cross members to the clipboard, open the pole component for editing, paste the cut components in place (Edit menu), explode the pasted components, select everything and use Intersect Faces>With Selection. Then I would erase everything that isn’t the pole with the notches. Then I would exit the component edit mode and use Paste in place again to put the cross members back in where they belong.

This is a quickie example.

Great ~ your tutorial is perfect. Just the clues I needed (I was getting close).

Sketchup Version: 17.2.2555 64-bit

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