Create rotation scens


I need to rotate a component 10 degree from 0 to 360 degree. So that will be a total of 36 different positions of that component.
For each rotation I would like to create a scene so i will end up with 36 scenes where each scene will show the component rotated at a different degree…
I need this to make a series of images for a 360 degree rotation tool… you know this kind of tool that are use on web pages to let the user be able to rotate the products 360 degree…
Any ideas how to do this???


I think you should use the rotation of the camera view instead that of the object, something like this…


Thanks, but I will used this in connection with rendering, so i will be setting up lighting as well. This lighting I do not want to move around the camera as the lighting is placed so it lights the product in 1 position in respect to the camera.
So really I want to just rotate the product it self…
Any ideas???


Hello! I can’t say about rotating your component but if you need a place to upload your 3D model and view it in 360 degree, you might want to check SketchFab.

Sketchfab Official Website


Sound like you want to set up a keyframe animation. Some plugin listed here. Scroll up that same page to find tutorials for setting up Scene animations without a plugin.


i see that, but that would be too manual and time consuming to create a setup like that, create 36 scenes and turn visibility on and of for each scene…
Any plugin to do this??, i might try the “Keyframe Animation” plugin.


There were several keyframe plugins listed. Some include renderering.