180/360 degree rotating video render - reverse 360 panorama

how is it possible to generate a render in reverse 360 panorama?
like for a realistic product 360 viewing from sketchup?

one impossible workflow i have imagined is rendering frames from all around the model and then stiching and correcting and then inserting into a turning animation and recording the result… in the end i want to create something like this…http://www.webrotate360.com/ or … http://www.easypano.com/modelweaver-gallery.html#

any ideas anyone?

Hey. I didn’t quite fully understand. Are you looking for a way to achieve something similar to this?

If yes, then it’s not too difficult.
Or was your desired final file the interactive one from those websites?

yes similar , however id like it to rotate one side and then the other - not displaying the rear of the object at all just a slow left to right rotate.

That’s just a matter of where you start and stop the animation.

so how do i do it and what software? can it be in color?

Make appropriate scenes in SketchUp and export as an animation.

But I want it photoreal… At 30fps…

Then you’ll need to find a rendering application that can render the required frames.

Then you’ll need a rendering solution capable of outputting idea. Lots of options.

Then you would need a render engine, such as V-Ray, render-ready materials and environment and an animation batch rendering.

Anyone here that does this as a service? Here is the link to the model.

Similar thread for reference - Non-photoreal internal SketchUp extension :

You can use Movense App for 360 product photography which allows E-commerce and product selling websites to capture and show 360 products spins online.