SketchUp render 360 degree animation about a target

I want to render some products 360 so the camera rotates 360 around the product. About 60-70 high quality pictures per product. Can someone please tell me what the best render plugin for that is?

So i can set up the camera easy and render all in a batch.

Thank you.



Only works with sketchup 2015? I have 2016.

I want to do something like this but several images.

Did you try it? Most likely the page hasn’t been updated since SU2016 was released.

It doesn’t explicitly say that it doesn’t work in SU2016.

Yes and is does not work as i want it to do. Can vray do what i want or is it just panorama?

You might ask on the Vray forum. Lots of Vray experts there.

I have now. But no one hear has done it? Want pictures for this plugin:

So no answer at vray forum it is pretty dead over there…

Moved this to the Extensions category.

There are already numerous topic threads in this category about “whats the best renderer for this and that

I have figured it out! Its complicated, but do anyone know if you can autosave rendering with maxwell, so the image saves it self when rendering is done?

It would be best to start a new topic thread (in the Extensions category,) with a title that begins with “[Maxwell Render]”.

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