Create a Dropper Kerb


I have to create a Dropper kerb for highway model. The dropper kerb has different cross sections either side (non rectangular) large side tapered in to smaller different section. Is it possible to create this type of kerb. ?If possible please advice how to do it.


It is possible. The exact method you need to use will depend upon the profiles. Can you share what you’ve got to work with? SketchUp file would be best.


kerb.skp (98.9 KB)
See the attached sketchup file. The cross section of the either sides are shown. My issue is how to develop solid object connecting these two sides.


Is there a different profile in the middle? What does it look like?


kerb.1.skp (106.3 KB)
I manually complete the area which I can so that you can get the idea. see the .skp file.


I would use Fredo6’s Curviloft to do it. Most can be done with straight lines between corresponding corners as you’ve done. Then Curviloft for the rest.

Then copy and flip to make the opposite side.


Thank you very-much my friend. You save the day.
Is there any other plugins available to similar thing?


TIG’s Extrusion Tools can do similar stuff. You can get both from Sketchucation.

FWIW, if that is a transition you would use frequently, save it as a component. You can then use it as the basis for other kerbs such as this corner…


Thank you…:heart_eyes: