Create 3D Model out of Lines

Hey Guys!
I created a form out of lines and accidentally erased the solid in it. I wanted to use the push/pull tool to make a 3D object but now thats not possible. How can I make this happen? I tried to learn sketch up autodidact but now I’m lost.

Assuming your lines are all in the same plane, draw a new line crossing the interior from one side to the other - be sure to start/end on an existing vertex. That will create two faces. Then, erase the line you just drew and the two faces should become a single face.

Unfortunately it won’t work. I drew the line but it didn’t create two faces. What did I do wrong? Do you have an idea? Thanks by the way!

If it didn’t work, the perimeter edges must not be planar.

Why don’t you just upload the SKP file so we can see it. That’ll save a lot of guessing about what it’ll take to repair it.

Hey, so thats the screenshot of my model. I made it out of different forms and believe I deleted the inner surface when I deleted the lines I don’t need.

Another screen shot doesn’t help, we need to look at the model itself.
Attach the model in the same way you attached the screenshots.

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As Box said, another screen shot isn’t helpful. If you want help solving your problem, attach the SKP file.

Entwurf 1.skp (175.7 KB)
Ok sorry, here’s the model…

I just opened the group for editing and traced one of the short straight segments with the Line tool and the face filled as expected. Perhaps you hadn’t opened the group for editing when you tried it.

And of course once the face is there, making it 3D is simple enough.

OMG thank you so much. :kissing_heart: You saved my life! :heart:

Awww… Shucks.

FWIW, we couldn’t tell from your screen shots that the shape was inside a group container nor that you weren’t opening the group for editing.

Also, sometimes you need to do what Steve shows with drawing a line across to get the face but I find it’s usually better to first try tracing a straight line segment. If the face fills in, you’ll know the edges are all on the same plane and you don’t have to erase the line.

Thank you so much :slight_smile: @DaveR now I found another problem… I’m sorry, I’m an absolute beginner! I copied my object and wanted to transform the one a little bit but it always transformed both forms. How can I change only one of them?

Did you convert the shape to a component? If you did, editing one will edit the other. Right click on the copy and choose Make Unique and that will break the relationship between the two.

It worked! Thank you :kissing_heart:

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