Cray textures, problem with seams in 90° curve and bad lighting

I’ve been practicing textures in SKetchup and have come up with this tow main issues this time:

  1. I don’t know hoy to make that seam disappear from the curve, tried changing the projection but the sample images have been the best outcome yet

  2. The light doesn’t seem right in different parts of the same plane and it gets worse in the previous mentioned seam, but it also seems to have a repetitive effect on the “doors”

What would be the best solution to both this issues?

Credenza2.skp (6.7 MB)

Looks to me as if the image of the wood isn’t long enough for the surface you are trying to cover so the texture needs to repeat causing the seam. It also looks like the original wasn’t evenly lit when the photo was made. You’d need a longer image that is evenly illuminated.

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Probably the first thing you should do is share your SKP file… without knowing the hidden geometry, a guess is the best anyone can offer.


Makes sense, the file is already up. First post, sorry.

To go further, either

  • Use a “seamless” texture. you can find some on or amongst other. or Architexture, an extension in SU. also, most Rendering tools have seamless textures.
  • Use a texture big enough that you won’t see the repeat.

a seamless texture is an image that has been modified so that when it repeats, you don’t see the cut like in your model. it’s good for big patterns, like bricks, tiles, stuff like that, that repeat.

In some cases, like wood, you can also work with a photo long enough. In your case, I’d say that a texture 1m longe would do the trick (didn’t check your file, it’s late, so I’ll eyeball it).

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Texture is ok and not to short. In this case, the problem is that you have applied the material to the component and in this component for walls

Bellow fixed maping

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You’ve may have turned smoothing up too high - that will cause weird lighting effects in renderers.

You probably don’t want it set any higher than 20-30

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Oh! How do I do that? I’m still trying to figure out SketchUp :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the tips :slight_smile:

The material assigned to the component. Select the component and give it a default material

bellow screnshot afrer removing material added for component.

Now you understend? The top surface use maping from component, bend part from wall in component