Crashing while trying to export

can anyone help me?
i tried 6 times now trying to export to a 3d file, every time it gets to 41% it kicks me out of SketchUp all the way. i even had my graphics card updated last night

Do you know what type of 3D file (what file extension)?
Do you know the size of the model you are trying to export? How many edges?

trying to get fbx
how do i find out how many edges i have?

Window > Model Info > Statistics (Show nested components)

it shows 5024142 edges with nested

how do i make it smaller?

You are the only one who knows what you have in the model and how it looks. You could use the Purge command to clean the model, but it depends on what it contains.

Purging removes unused components and materials but it doesn’t reduce the model’s polygon count or affect exporting.

To make a model smaller you must replace overcomplicated objects with simpler ones. Also, using polygon reducing extensions like Skimp might help.

i used purge and it still does it.
how do i know which objects to replace?

where do i get skimp?

It is a paid extension by mind.sight.studios