Crashing when using Outer Shell


I really need some help. I spent a long time working on a space ship model and all of the sudden everytime I use “Outershell” command it crashes. i reverted to an old save and it still keeps doing it. I’m freaking pissed. This needs to be printed in 3D for a friend. I have made many other models and never had this ridiculous issue. Let me know what I can provide to help.

Thank you in Advance!

Cody J

Update: Purged it, exported/imported, restarted, uninstalled then reinstalled…Still nothing >:(
Works with other drawings. Has to be something with the ship. But what? :confused:

I’ll look for your crashes to see if there’s a clue. A simple trick that support uses is to create a new model, then copy/paste your crashing model into the new model. If that still crashes, try it by parts. I’ll post again when I find your crashes.

What version SketchUp, and PC or Mac?

ps - you know, you can submit your model to 3dwarehouse and let the Materialise process make your model printable (.stl output)? I’m not seeing your crashes in SketchUp 2015 - was it recent, and private message me the name, email or comments you used so I can find the crashes.