Outer shell function loses faces

To be honest this feature has always been a bit dodgy, and I understand that once a model gets complex it works less and less, but I just started modelling something new in 2019, and things that worked in 2018/2017 just dont seem to work any more.

I am trying to join two sphere quaters on a flat surface they are a copy of each other flipped, should be dead easy. I want my spheres to look like spheres and hence they are fairly high poly, because I want to 3D print these as they are a dome of a helmet.

I can do this at low poly no problem, but it looks terrible when printed and I just dont understand why this doesnt work with something so simple.

when I outershell I get these wholes in the model.

Now I can fix this by removing that layer all together from the curve then it will be fine, but why? Why doesnt this work? Why must I model things in such nasty blocks for sketchup not to completely mess up the model on any solid function

How big is the model (actual dimensions)? Very likely you need to work at a larger scale.

I setup using the 3D printing template. But I remember sketup used to have this issue years ago and I thought this was resolved. That is you needed to model at the size of a building and then resize it in some other application once you exported the model. Frankly I dont understand the need for this but will try.

The 3D Printing template doesn’t do anything for the small geometry issue. It doesn’t really add anything except that 3D printer volume which isn’t really very useful.

You don’t have to model at the size of a building and you don’t have to resize it in some other application. Since you are planning to 3D print the volume, though, you don’t actually have to resize the model at all. Model using meters for the units but enter whatever dimensions you have as if they are meters. So if the thing is 2-1/2 inches in diameter, use 2.5 meters. Export the STL file when you are finished. When you import the STL into the slicer software, tell it the units are inches. STL files on their own have no dimensions so it really doesn’t matter if you model in meters and leave the model large.

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