Crashing, real slow


I can see many users on Windows 10 are experiencing freezing, and/or real slow selection tool performance, myself, included. Microsoft is not helping with their updates. I’ve fixed this before by installing latest drivers, but problem is recurring. Some are suggesting uninstalling and reinstalling SU. I’d like to give this a try but I’m afraid of losing my SU Make version if I uninstall. How do I re-install sketchup. Thanks for the help.


You will not lose your SketchUp Make version. Since it’s the free version, you can easily install it again with no worries. If you are in the trial period of the Pro version, reinstalling it won’t erase that information and you can continue where you left off. Make sure you install with Administrator privileges.


Thank you for the help. What is confusing me, is where do I go for the reinstall? Do I go to Will they recognize what I’m doing? And lastly, I’m a solo player here, so never done anything as an adminstrator. Is this just a right clik thing? Thanks in advance for any help. Richard


First, you need to uninstall the program from the Programs and Features menu. After that (if you didn’t keep the SketchUp installer) go to the All Downloads page of the SketchUp website and download the version you want.

And yes, installing with administrator privileges is as simple as right-clicking on the downloaded installer and choosing “Run as Administrator”. :slight_smile:

Let us know if you still experience lags after the reinstall.


Vahe- Thanks again. Figured this all out, uninstalled SU, then reinstalled from website, and ran as administrator, but that didn’t fix problem. Finally worked with Dell support, as it was an Intel graphics card but they had built it with computer. We spent a couple of hours finding newer drivers, and a few other things which I can’t quite remember (like updating some of Dell’s utilities for finding drivers and tracking down some of microsofts updates which may have loaded incorrectly, made sure they got reloaded). All seems to be working now, and hoping into the future. I did have this problem a few weeks ago, but at that time I was able to use microsoft utility to track a new driver, but then SU stopped working again. The MS driver utility would not find anything newer at that point, but obviously there were newer drive versions out there. I hope this closes this episode, but really want to thank you for the time spent with my problem. Hope some day I can do the same for you.


Glad your problem is solved. Thank your for your kind words as well. :slight_smile:


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