Crashes and more crashes

you probably have 100 crash reports on my system.
I have the latest HD4000 driver (4425) and I have set it to use my GTX560 card exclusively for SU. So what do I do now.?
Also, sometimes it takes minutes for autosave to finish. It is set to 5 minutes but periodically it will take that long to give my system back to me. Other times it will crash when finished. Other times it will crash on the very next operation after autosafe finishes.
It lists itself as 17.2.255 64bit windows 10 1709.
It does not appear to be the windows update version as it has been doing it a long time.
That is my desktop.
I have a laptop that I run with it but I can’t remember if it has crashed on that also.
So what is the issue?

Dumb question: Do you have the latest GTX560 driver too?
Is the model that struggles with Autosave located on your computer or in a cloud storage service like Dropbox or Google Drive?
Do you get crashes if you turn autosave off?

I took a quick look for crash reports with your last name on them, but didn’t see any. If you have been putting identifying information on the crashes (name, email address, etc), let me know and I’ll search again.


When you installed SketchUp did you RIGHT CLICK on the executable and select run as Administrator. If you double clicked on it to install - all kinds of strange things will happen.

what info does it send when it crashed? I just click send report.

I have no idea but I will uninstall and reinstall to find out.

Unless you fill in the fields, all it sends is the crash dump. Then they have no way to trace it back to you!

i am on 385 and 388 was JUST released 2 days ago (not updated yet). These crashes have been occurring thru many updates.
All models are located on my computer.
I am afraid to turn it off, at least most of the time when it crashes it does so right after, or during autosave so I have a recent backup.

most times autosave completes in a sec or two. When it does this trick it is minutes. It is also bouncing between the temp file and the skp file during that time. Sometimes it works, sometimes it crashes.

OK, there should be a few with my email address ( on them and some comments.
It was always happening during a move and an autosave occurring at the same time. It has also recently been happening with dimensioning - I have not used that much previously.
When it happens and I open file explorer to view the folder activity, a TMP file is created and it switches back and forth between saving the tmp file and saving the autosave file MANY times (like over 25 the last time) and lasting long enough to make and drink a Margarita. Periodically it deletes the tmp file. At some point it seems to take control of file explorer and moves the file selection bar down the listing. When it gets to the bottom it starts back at the top. Really weird.
Any other time I get a short (1-2 sec) pause, I assume when autosave functions.

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