Crashes and Checkup not passing


I have a new machine and I’m evaluation SU 2017 in order to migrate from 2016. It’s a fairly powerful box, Xeon E5 2650 vs, 24 GB RAM, GTX 760 4 GB (supports OpenGL 4.3), no integrated graphics, a fresh Windows 10 Aniversary installation (because Creators update was unusable, it took me a few weeks and many sleepless nights to figure it out), latest 384.94 Nvidia drivers, Chrome, Adobe Reader, CPU-Z and Process Lasso.

On the Aniversary I still experience problems, random crashes, auto-save not working. Even though my account is an admin account I reinstallad 2017 with “run as administrator”, no luck.

Why does SU keeps on crashing? And what’s weird, without a bugsplat window.

And what’s suspicious to me is that my system won’t pass the Sketchup Checkup (msinfo runs without problems). It reports two errors:

The first one is, I guess, a summary, but why GPU info could be missing?

Can this be related to my issues? If so, how? I was looking for the metioned Help > Documentation, but couldn’t find it.

As I said, it’s a new machine and a new SU, so I’m not sure if it’s a hardware problem or a bug in SU, these crashes.

Edit: there used to be a problem with-auto save (simply not working), but after moving the file outside Dropbox folder it seems to be fixed.

Version 385.28 - WHQL
Release Date Mon Aug 14, 2017
Operating System Windows 10 64-bit

Working to and from an external drive (you mentioned Dropbox) does create certain hazards.
SketchUp’s two file recovery features, Backup and Auto-Save, rely on a stable path back to where the original .skp model file exists.

• The path to an external drive is subject to change, which may cause the loss of Backup and Auto-Save files.
• There’s potential to disconnect the drive prior to completion of a read/write, thereby corrupting the file.
• No external path is as reliable and fast as the local system.

Best Practice:
Open from local disc and Save to local disc.
Afterward, copy the original file from local disc to other drives if you wish.

You might try disabling the Process Lasso gizmo, shut down and restart.

OK, thank you. I will try without Process Lasso.

Edit: I installed did uninstall old drivers, installed 385.28 - WHQL, uninstalled Process Lasso and again get the same error from the Checkup. I’d be nice to know why is it happening.

I will try tomorrow working on the project outside Dropbox to see if it keeps crashing SU.

I don’t know internals of Dropbox, but it is not an external file system, it doesn’t change paths. It keeps track of the changes on the local file system and syncs it with its servers. But I agree it may be a point of failure.

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