Crash when selecting all tags and then deselecting all but one and it gets better!

Crash when selecting all tag and then deselecting all but one and it gets better!!! There is a message saying it was fixed and I should download the latest version. Well, I have, and the bug is obviously not fixed. Again, this might be ok for hobbyist’s software. Can Trimble get their act together??? Or just call this Sketchup: Hobbyist’s Software and then we can all just move on???

What does [menu]SketchUp > About SketchUp say?

Sketchup Pro Version 21.1.331

Is this the latest version? It will not update…

Yes, 2.1.331 is the latest.

Edit: so far I haven’t been able to reproduce your crash. It may have something to do with how you are selecting all then delecting all but one. Can you list the exact steps (e.g. not just “select all” or “delselect all but one”, but what do you click to get that)?

Not sure that matters. here is the filefinal millwork model 10-11-2021.skp (2.1 MB)

That particular crash key was responsible for another crash, where clicking on the brick icon in the Colors palette would lead to a crash. That did get fixed.

@Trent and others are investigating recent reports involving the same crash key, that are not to do with the Colors palette. Hopefully he can say how that is going.

I added a link to this topic, and your file, to the crash report Trent is working on.

On Mac you can type Command-Shift-5, and set a screen recording going. Can you make a recording that shows the crash? Then we could see what step we are missing.

Hi all the developers are looking into this but we do not have a solid lead yet. As Colin mentioned this same crash can show up in multiple ways so having a recording with your steps will help to narrow it down.


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