Sketchup crashing when using click and drag on Sketchy Edges styles

Hi All,

Does anyone know why Sketchup is crashing when I’m using click and drag on ‘Sketchy Edges’ styles? It works no problem on Default styles, but crashes every single time on Sketchy Edges styles… even the tiniest accidental click and drag.

Here’s a link to a screen recording to show what’s happening:

Thanks in advance for any help


Typically that sort of thing is due to graphics driver issues. Are you sending the Bug Splats in?

It looks like you didn’t send in the bugsplat this time.

Is the turning off of section planes an important step? I tried with the same style, and with or without section planes being turned on, and no crashing.

Does it crash if you start a new document and select Sumele?

Hi @colin,

Apologies for not sending the Bugsplat that time.

It is still an issue when I open up a fresh document and try to click and drag on Sumele. See screen recording here:

I did send in this bugsplat for this one, the reference is Crash #73798

Let me know if you need any other information

Many thanks


Hi Roland,

Could you send us your Mac’s model identifier. You can find it by navigating to:

Apple Menu > About This Mac > System Report… > Hardware (left hand sidebar) > Hardware Overview (main information display pane) > Model Identifier.

Mine is MacBookPro14,3 and yours will be a similarly structured string (ie <NameString><Number>,<Number>)


Hi Thayer,

My Mac is a MacBookPro16,2

Screenshot 2021-02-22 at 15.52.26

Can you try changing settings in Preferences, OpenGL? Try setting the antialiasing to 0x, and also uncheck use fast feedback. Do one at a time, then make a new document and see if the crash happens.

If I force my MacBook Pro to use the Intel GPU I do get a crash when selecting in model styles and attempting to crash while making a sketchy selection (which didn’t crash).

Hi @colin ,

It seems to work if I set the antialiasing to 0x. It still crashes if fast feedback is unchecked.

What is antialiasing? Will I miss it?

Antialiasing helps lower resolution screens look smoother. A 13 inch Retina display has such small pixels (227 per inch) that you are unlikely to see any jaggy lines even with antialiasing set to 0x. Setting it to 2x might feel subjectively smoother, but it would be by a tiny amount.

Here is a screenshot from my 226 pixels per inch MacBoo Pro, where one line is at 0x and the other is at 2x:


I set the scale of the image in this post to 50%, which then makes it look like it does on my screen. You can open the image in a new browser window to see what is really going on.

It would be interesting for you to text at 2x too, to check if it is that there is any antialiasing, rather than say if it was 4x or higher.

Hi Colin, I tested it with 2x and it was okay with only Sumele but still crashed when trying one of my models…