Crash on startup - partially resolved!

We found a workaround after a few hours. Posting here to help others who might have the same issue. Also, if anyone has any tips on how to get it working on AMD that would be gratefully received.

Dell Latitude laptop with Intel HD Graphics 520 (laptop monitor) and AMD R5 M410 (external monitor) .

Sketchup 2021 installed, wouldn’t launch, crashed with BugSplat.
Tried installing 2019 Pro, same problem.
Tried updating Intel drivers, no joy.
Tried updating AMD drivers, no joy. (Crimson)
Went to Device Manager, disabled AMD graphics. Fixed!

Sketchup 2019 now runs fine. However, this is not a complete fix. It only runs on the laptop monitor. Will not run on external monitor, because this is connected to the AMD graphics.

Anyone got any ideas?