Crash Message After Install. Please help!


Hello. My names Jamie. Returning to finish off my Architecture studies after a 5 year absence! Recently got a new laptop and went to download Sketchup make to start again with interiors etc. Laptop definitely meets all programs need for install. After the startup screen where you select desired template, I receive these messages. I have tried opening in compatibly mode and also running as administrator. When I ask for the error report, I then receive this message.

Just asking if anyone has had experince deleting this as instructed, as I don’t want to ruin my new laptop for further program installs etc.


uninstall as advertised, download “Microsoft Visual C++ 2015” redist package, install by “right-click > Run as Admin”.


As just said you can try uninstalling “Microsoft Visual C++ 2015” - reinstalling SketchUp should refresh it.
If not, then manually find/download/install the C++ lib direct from Microsoft…

Please do not reset compatibility mode or try to ‘run’ the program as admin - that prevents drag/drop working because SketchUp is then elevated above Windows-Explorer’s permissions level.
Undo any changes you might have made to the SketchUp.exe/shortcuts…

However, you must properly install SketchUp in the first place… I suspect you didn’t…

You probably don’t need to do a full uninstall and reinstall, instead try the following…

Close SketchUp if it’s open.
Find the SketchUp installer exe file’s icon - it’s probably in your Downloads folder ?
If not re-download it.
Select the icon and right-click > context-menu > "Run as administrator"
When prompted choose to “Repair”…


This should fix permission issues etc, which can result if you either just ‘Run’ the installer OR double-click its icon.
Having admin-powers OR even being the administrator is NOT the same thing as using “Run as administrator” when installing ANY program.
With Win10 and newer programs like v2017 incorrect installation can lead to all kinds of weirdness - like your severe crashing, down to minor glitches with remembering shortcuts etc…

Also check you Graphics Card drivers are up to date and SketchUp is using them.
What is your GC ?


Thanks for quick responses. I done as crash message instructed. Reinstalled sketchup and seems to work fine.

Thank you again.