Crash by clicking on import file

Hi all,
I’m on MACBOOK PRO RETINA (mi-2012) OS 10.11.6, NVIDIA GE FORCE GT 650 1024Mo, 2,7 Ghz Intel Core I7 with Sketchup PRO 18.0.16976, french release.

Since 2-3 months, each time i’m click on import, the file explorer windows open with “.bmp” type selected even If I never use it.

But now since 1 week, each time i click on import, Sketchup crash imedialty. I have to important thing into Sketchup 2017 and copy and paste it into SU2018, … ( adding file by photo adapt works and changing a texture file by another in the material box work great too.

I didn’t install any new extension and send the bugsplat.

I’m thinks its come from the list of file type. 7-8 year ago, I have the same trouble when I was opening the material windows. To solve it, I delete a specific pslist , and sketchup was able to reopen the material box again.

I f someone have an idea.

Best regards

I found the reason of my bug. I develop 2 time a geotiff importer ( world file importer) .tfw.
Sorry, …

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