Crash and Burn

Working along, screen flashes, quick notice pops up stating I must re-start my computer, then vanishes. All other open programs unaffected = all I can conclude is that Sketchup updated and shut down in the middle of working a file, now 40 minutes of work lost. Again.
Why the continual new bad behaviors creeping in?
Decade and a half of use, and Sketchup continues to become more and more problematic.

Yes, I know, you all will swear it’s my fault. Of course, I should be backing up every 2 minutes at the rate things are deteriorating with Sketchup. Thing is, I grow weary of the slow circle of death cramping my flow if I ramp up frequency of backup. Enough about me.
Any one know what this new crash is all about and how to avoid this latest feature of frustration?

SketchUp won’t update on its own. You would need to download a new installer file and run it. Your profile says you are using SketchUp 2018. There hasn’t been an update released that version for about 4 years. If you are actually using SketchUp 2022, there hasn’t been an update released for it for several months.

If you aren’t using SketchUp 2018 as indicated in your profile, please update the information. Also, if you’ve changed operating system versions, please update that as well.

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Also beware that Windows 10 has a nasty habit of quietly installing bad graphics drivers in the background. Check the Nvidia site and make sure you have their latest. Don’t trust Windows to tell you it is up to date!

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Updated my profile. Newer Machine, WIN10. Nvida RTX Quadro T1000.
I paused to look at some paperwork, and Sketchup just went away. Had 30 minutes on backup/save setting. Either died on minute 29 or just didn’t do it. Checked message center in windows, no notifications of updates there, and the “restart” screen popped up and disappeared faster than I could read what it was about.
Based on this type of problem, I simply don’t log onto the internet with my drafting machine anymore. Got warning yesterday that I had two days left to do so, as Sketchup had not received any licensing confirmation in that period of time.
It’s been connected to web over the last 24 hours since I obeyed that command.
Evidently a windows graphics card redirection can do this? I just verified through Nvidia settings that it is still instructed to be used as primary graphics card, so don’t think that’s the issue.

Also located latest drivers from Nvidia, released just Nov 10, 2022. Installed. Not sure what that has to do with Sketchup vanishing from the screen. No Bug splat notice and no backup registered for this morning’s work. It just shut down on it’s own, no fingers on the keyboard or mouse at the time.
Appears the only solution is to manually save the files every couple minutes as I work.

Back to work, scheduled backups every 5 minutes. No backups generated yet - been 30 minutes.
Do I need to reinstall Sketchup to jog it back into proper service?

The most you should have to do is: locate the installation file, right-click on it and choose run as administrator then select the repair option.

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It is also possible that what you see is caused by a misbehaving extension.

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Unable to locate "SketchUpPro-2022.exe on my machine. Give up, download and reinstall?

Did you check the downloads folder? If it is not there, download the installation file, right-click on it and choose run as administrator then select the repair option.

Ran as Admin/repaired. For clarification, perhaps I’m not looking in proper location for backups. I usually see them in My client’s folder next to the working model with extension .skp I’ll see .skb of same name, assuming the “b” designates the generated backup. Is there another place it is stored short-term until model /Sketchup is closed?

Found it in another thread. For any others following, here’s where I found the backups being placed:

• On Windows, recovered files are now saved here: C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\SketchUp\SketchUp 2022\SketchUp\working\SKETCHUP\RecoveredFiles


Now monitoring this folder, finding evidence that backup is taking place now.

Unsolved: Mysterious closing of Sketchup. Maybe it is a “misbehaving extension”, and if I find out which one, a lump of coal in it’s folder for the holidays.

Achieved: -Repaired Sketchup Pro 2022 installation
-Updated Graphics card driver
-Verified backups are working now

Thanks to all for your time and assistance.

Zeroing in on it now. Backup seemed to pause again. Had extension “Cutlist Bridge” window titled “Extended Entity Info” open. Immediately upon closing it, my backup file was updated to the minute, while it had not done so in 30+ minutes, despite being set for 5. Appears this is the delinquent extension, and while using it, I’ll need to remember to manually backup, and obviously, only have it open when completely necessary.