CPU Render breaks when saving result with “hardware acceleration is unsupported or has been disabled” error

Running the render in v-ray in sketch up for a few hours and once it finished I save the result and the error shows up so the result hasn’t been saved anywhere. The error is on the screenshot.

This happens not constantly, rather randomly, unpredictably. Render is running on a cpu amd x3900, and video card amd Radeon RX 580 Pulse. I thought the issue could be with the video card since it’s not the best one, but hey my render is only using cpu cores … any ideas?

Lots of these types of errors are caused by using incompatible docks/adapters for a 2nd monitor.
Unplug the offending USB device and it might not happen.

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I understand V-Ray CPU render only works with Nvidia graphics cards. The SketchUp error is probably unrelated. As @Elmtec-Adam says, some laptops or laptop docks don’t support OpenGL on external monitors. You could start by updating display and other drivers and checking that SketchUp is set to use your graphics card instead of integrated graphics.

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