Couldn't open, manage-users, deleted member - now can't re-add

Hi, For some reason I couldn’t open Sketchup pro, it said I needed to manage users. I am the only person listed as a user, so after every other failed attempt to reopen it, I deleted myself and hoped that I would be able to re add myself. Unfortunately not, I can’t get into the page now and have been forced to start a 30 day trial in order to open my work. Does anyone know what I can do to get around this obstacle please?

Did you remove yourself in the Member section?
You should have the option to assign yourself back.
The reason you couldn’t use SketchUp would probably be that you were signed in in too many devices.
Removing members won’t fix that.

Or did you delete the Account?

You have to click the link in a received email (probably spamfolder)
Don’t do that, if you delete the Trimble ID, the ‘assets’ (your subscription) are then assigend to a reserved emai address.

Your account looks like it’s ok. You should be able to sign into this page:

with the same email address you use in the forum. If when you get there you have a choice of more than one account, it’s the evolv 3d one that you should select. Then choose Members, and look for a +Assign button, to add yourself back onto the list.

Each version of SketchUp you are signed in under counts as another sign in. If you had previously signed in under 2019, then under 2020, and now under 2021, that would seem like three sign ins, even if they were on the same computer. Opening the old versions and signing out would have fixed the problem for 2021.

If you do need to get a fresh start on what is signed in, instead of removing yourself from the Members section, go to the My Products section, and in the SketchUp Pro panel click on View Included Applications. Then click on the Manage Devices link in the SketchUp Pro box that appears. That will make sure no devices are currently authorized, and your next sign in should work.

Thankyou so much Colin, I really appreciate your help…Emoji