Corners when extruding along path

Sketchup Pro 2017
Trying to draw a simple bail for a locking latch for a cabinet. I draw a rectangle, round the corners for the extrusion path.
In the example I’ve attached, the three corners that are open on the inside are drawn using a radius in the corners larger than the extruded circle. In the one corner that is open on the outside the radius of the extrusion path is smaller than the diameter of the extruded circle.
Any idea what gives? Still being a rookie it’s no doubt a simple answer…Mike

You’re working at too small a size. Use the Dave Method.

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Thanks Dave, I appreciate the help, it does indeed work :-)…Mike

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You’re welcome. Make sure you correct the face orientation if you wind up with exposed blue back faces as you show in your screenshot.

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Thanks Again Dave, worked like a top. Not a professional latch for sure but it gets the point across LOL:


Depending on how you are going to use it, you might find it helpful to simplify it by reducing the number of segments in the arcs and circles you draw.

I assume you are modeling this for your own use. Although it’s good practice to learn to model different objects, you might find it makes sense to simplify this sort of thing to the bare minimum. Maybe a couple of simple boxes with the screw holes indicated would be enough. The holes could help you ensure you don’t have issues with screws conflicting with other parts but a simplistic model will have little impact on file size or performance and won’t require much time to model.

Yup, my own.
You are correct for sure in time and simplicity. I was doing it mostly to show my daughter some ideas for a hope chest.
A side benefit, I’m trying to self teach myself along with videos, tutorials and help from people such as yourself :-)…Mike

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