Copy / Paste License and Auth. Code issue



Hey All, I had tried to copy and paste my License and Auth. code 4 times through out the day yesterday. I kept getting a dialog box with a: Opp!! the authorization server encountered an error, please try again. I figured everyone else was so excited to activate their info it was bogged down. Got the same message on the first try this morning, one hour ago. I just typed in the info for both by hand and it accepted both immediately without issue??

Just sharing this as they recommend copy/pasting to limit errors…BUT it wont accept them. If you have issues use Caps Lock as the Serial Number is all upper case. Then turn caps lock off to provide Auth. Code as they are all lower case. All 0 characters are number inputs
That was my only issue so far and had no trouble importing keyboard shortcut, extensions or libraries. Hope that is all and was more of an annoyance then a installing issue. HAPPY MODELING with this new edition …Peace…


don’t use in general the extended input field but the 2 simple input lines, copy&paste to the extended input field regularly fails maybe because of formatting issues of license data bought by a reseller.