"Copy From Other" Feature

I’m designing a highly modularized structure and machine that’s very organized into components, and sketching this design involves making a lot of different components that have precisely mated faces. A lot of the time, I’ll go into a component, highlight the face and copy it, then go back into the component I’m working on and paste it in place, where I can extrude and modify as necessary in this new modular part, confident it’s precisely lined up with that other part. It’s working pretty good, and Paste in Place is genius, but I’m spending a lot of time bouncing between components - who tend to be very deeply nested in this design, and it did occur to me that it could be easier, or that it’s already a feature in pro (which I don’t have yet (but will get when there’s a monthly option)).

The idea is fairly simple and would only apply mainly to a the selection/move/rotate tools (it shouldn’t always be ON however, as that would be annoying otherwise), where I can actually select lines, faces or whole components from inside other components or groups and copy, move-copy or rotate-copy then directly into the component I’m currently editing. Would be handy at times, that’s for sure.

Just a Thought I thought I’d throw out there.

I’m not sure if I understand right what you want… and didn’t even tried this:
Curic Copies | SketchUp Extension Warehouse
…but perhaps worth checking it out…


Brilliant! Exactly what I’m looking for, and more.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. :+1: