Copy and paste texture onto face?



I’ve just been trying to simplify an over-complex 3D warehouse model.

Simplifying the drawing is easy.

Sampling and replacing the textures is taking far longer. I can screen grab a replacement texture, but then have to save it, reimport it, and position it.

I’d find it quicker to just paste the sampled image onto a selected face, the way you currently import and position a texture.

Could this be implemented easily?


can’t you simply re-use it from the ‘In Model’ materials browser?

maybe add the .skp, I can’t follow the issue as described…



I can’t use the original textures without redrawing all the bounding edges. Here’s a link to a model which contains both the original model (on the left) and the simplified model (not quite complete yet) on the right.

I viewed the original face-on in parallel projection from front, sides and top, and in each view screen grabbed what was visible, saved the texture from each view, then imported and applied them to much simpler boxes on the right.

I did it first in two separate models - in retrospect, perhaps a mistake?

I have drastically reduced the edge and face count:
Original - 5300 edges, 1800 faces (in round numbers)
Simplified - 81 edges, 35 faces.

But the textures have ballooned the file size (when separated) from 950KB to 3.6MB in the simplified model.

I think I viewed the original at too high a zoom level when taking the screen grabs. I’ll try it again tomorrow, not so much zoomed in on the original when sampling.

PS. This is just one component of hundreds that have been imported, all too complex. So there are lots to try to simplify.

The resulting overall model has over 13 million edges, over 5 million faces, and a file size of around 245MB. Even with lots of layers turned off, and modelling in Monochrome, the model is painfully slow to edit, orbit or zoom. So I’m trying to help the originator by simplifying as many components as I can - this is the first I’ve worked on.


that’s a nasty model to start with…

there’s a number of threads about texture mapping for games over on SCF and a few plugins to help, but no ‘total’ solution…

Goldilocks is a good starting point and Texture Resizer could be useful, before taking your ‘maps’…



By resampling all the textures, rather smaller, and using JPG instead of the default Preview PNG format, I’ve got the revised and complete cabinet down to 112 edges and 41 faces, with a file size reduced to 640 KB.

Here’s what the result looks like:

Now I’m getting the hang of it, it shouldn’t take so long to do a few more resource hogs.


I’m not sure if this helps, but…


@Cotty, does ‘Combine Textures’ work as a step 6?

it seems to be broken on v17 for mac and isn’t perfect in v16 either…



Yes, but there are no black lines there anymore in the texture…


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