Copy and paste from context menu

I wish that, like every other computer program I use, right clicking on a model would bring up copy and paste commands.

Well way off-topic, @DHGoldfish, but this was asked before and I whipped up a little script that added them to the context menu. It’s around here somewhere, let me search a bit …

(20 secs later) … found it right here in this very category, …
using the search menu, magnifying glass icon, top right

I posted a link there to a thread in the Ruby API category with an example script.

@DHGoldfish Welcome Debbie (I see ya’ just joined. You’ll find your way around purty quick.)

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Personally I think this would just add more noise to an already crowded menu. There are universal shortcuts, Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V for this. A plugin is the best solution for this.

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