Cookie Monster with Googly FaceMe Eyes. No Reason

I was thinking of all the different applications of making a component a “FaceMe,” and this is what came of it. Not much practical application, but it demonstrates what FaceMe does without being yet another tree or person silhouette.


Very nice. Very cute too.

Practical Reason: makes one smile.

just a pity that you can’t define the “face me” to be vertical, horizontal or both.:slight_smile:

Well, it could rotate along another axis direction, by changing the pupil component’s axis. I tried that just now, and it worked for one eye. The pupil went from the lower left corner to looking up and to the right, instead of just side to side, but then I messed up the other eye so badly that I gave up and reset the entire model. Maybe someone else will have more patience for it than I.
What I wonder is what would happen if the spheroid white part and the outer eyeball wrapper component each had their axis 90 degrees from each other? Would the FaceMe’s interact with one another? Would the outer axis of rotation modify the nested component axis of rotation, allowing for boundless rotation of the inner-most Pupil FaceMe? I don’t have the time to figure that out right now, but I’d love to know how nested FaceMes behave.