Component Won't Face Camera

Hi there,

Looking to make my own guy! Everytime I try make him a component and check the option ‘always face camera’ the image turns to a straight line. I’ve tried reshifting the compenent axis and that doesn’t seem to help. I’ve also tried doing this in a new document in case I was stuck on some hidden geometry or something. Still a fail! Any pointers would be appreciated!

Many thanks

Switch off the component’s FaceMe setting in the Component Browser.
Switch on your model’s Axes and locate an Instance at the Origin.
Rotate it about the Blue axis so it faces ‘south’ - dotted-green -ve Y.
Context-menu > Set axes and set the axes of the component to match the model’s RGB XYZ.
Now edit the component in the Component Browser and add back the FaceMe property.
It should now always face the camera…

Thnaks for your input! Gave it a go and got a different outcome! Somehow the image and rectangle merged. I does face the camera but I’ve lost my image


A FaceMe component is typically a ‘cardboard-cutout’.
I think you are making it far more complicated that it needs to be…
If you explode the Image [I assume that is what you refer to?] it forms a rectangular face using the material and that material is added to the model’s materials collection - you can then trim the faces around the outline and hide any edges… the trimming need not be exact… if the Image is a PNG the transparent background won’t be visible and the cast shadow will approximate…
The component only needs to contain that face at the origin looking ‘south’.
When you give it FaceMe properties it rotates at look at the camera…
Here’s a rough version… screenshot…

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Amazing. Thanks so much for this! Appreciate it!