SketchUp people always face viewer

The man (on layer 0), that one sees when one opens a new SketchUp file always faces the viewer
Question: Is this a viewing function I can assign to other objects? I’d like to place a sign with text next to him that always faces the viewer…

Yes, he is a ‘Face Me’ component. You can set it when creating a component or when editing one.

Just for clarification, on the Create Component and Component edit dialogs this option is labeled “Always face camera”

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Thanks Steve. Funny how you can rewrite things in your head.

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Ready for some reading?

It is an option when you Make Component… and not just 2D people can have the Always Face Camera flag turned on…

Now I’m confused, I thought there was only one!


Dang it!

I gotta be more conscious of my personal brand…


I guess it is ok because at least the pair of you are hanging around with a box.


We are VERY conscious about the company we keep.