About Creating 2D people?


So this is funny to ask but i really need to know how to make a 2D people that when you orbit the 2D people is always facing you. Like what you see if you started to use Sketchup. I tried to make one but i don’t know how to make my object rotating when i’m going to orbit… help


Take a look at: http://help.sketchup.com/en/article/114526
And use the option ‘always face camera’


where can i find “always face camera” option?


Sir Guy don’t bother to answer my last question, i found it… thanks a lot :smile:


It should be in the create component dialog. But i’m on my ipad now and I can’t check it.


Here’s an old tutorial I made years ago (click on the scene tabs)making_a_man.skp (164.6 KB)



This might be a bit more than you are asking for, and it is supplemental to the other links already provided in other replies, but I made a youtube video for my students on how to make face-me people and entourage from photographs:

You can jump to the 7:30 mark if you want to see the “just the face-me making” part.



thanks for the replies.