2D FaceMe component


I have a simple question but yet complicated for me. Is there any way to create a 2D FaceMe component but to face the camera in all the directions? The known FaceMe follows the camera only in Left-Right direction but not Up-Down. Is it possible to make a fully rotational 2D component?
For example, I want a png (which illustrates a flare) to face me whenever I go, left-right or up-down.

Thank you in advance!

Face me components only rotate around their local blue axis. I remember trying nesting them about 10 years ago but then they flickered when the camera moved. Don’t know if they still do.

Could help trying it myself and it works!

nested face me.skp (216.9 KB)


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So how did you make this happen? I can only make a traditional faceme component but nothing more

It’s a face me component inside of another face me component. There is a 90 degree difference between their blue axes.


Thanks for the concern. I’ll give it a try