Component independence; User Error


So there I am trying to texture map this super complicated model and all of a sudden the tail goes AWOL from the rest of the model…

Very odd.


That’s pretty cool! Imagine if that was a real plane. :slight_smile:

Looks to me as if you’ve set up that component to Always Face Camera. Right click on that component in the Components window and choose Properties. Untick the box for Always face camera. Or select the component in the Components window and click the Edit tab to get to the same place.


You know what @DaveR I accidentally dragged it into Chris in the outliner! LOL

I forgot he was even there because the scale is x100 :smiley:

You can see him in the gif. The tiny speck in the bottom right

I’ve spent too much time in front of these screens today. Thanks for the sanity check.


WOW! Now there’s a new one I wouldn’t have thought of. Well, I’m glad you figured it out.

Go do something else for awhile. :wink:


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