Converting Sketchup Files


Can a 2D Sketchup drawing like a floor plan or elevation be converted to a DWG file ?

Oops - Yes. Here’s a list of what each version can do:

File import and export capabilities | SketchUp

You can export views directly from SketchUp to DWG or you can send them to Layout and export them as DWG from there. There are different reasons for either.

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In the list you sent for Sketchup Pro you can import and export from or to a DWG file. Does this mean you can convert a Sketchup File (SKP) to a DWG file. The reason I am asking is for planners or architects using different programs can work with the SKP file that has been converted to DWG. I don’t think they can work with a veiw from a Sketchup File.

Yes it does. SketchUp Pro supports two kinds of DWG/DXF conversion, either the whole model or a 2D vector line “render” of your screen view.

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Where does the conversion happen from SKP to DWG.

Importing and Exporting CAD Files | SketchUp Help

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The list you attached shows that dimensions cannot be converted from SKP to DWG along with text and hatching. Not sure if that works or not. Can the dimensions and text can be added using the DWG program the SKP files are being sent to.

That is not true. Dimensions ARE exported to DWG. Dimensions, text, hatches etc. are not IMPORTED INTO SketchUp when someone else sends you a DWG and you import it.