Export SKP to DWG

Test SKP to DWG.dwg (12.8 KB)

Hi First time converting a SKP file to DWG in Layout. I guess it is a good sign that once the SKP file has been converted I can not longer open it without a DWG program. I guess there is no way to check the file without a DWG program. Hope that makes sense.

It doesn’t convert it, you will still have your original SketchUp file and the Layout file too.

You could always import it into SketchUp/Layout or you can also open it in in the 2D CAD viewer of Trimble Connect

The free DWG TrueView application from Autodesk is a good tool for inspecting DWG and DXF files. It is a viewer only but it can convert between different versions of the format.

thanks very much for the response much apprieciated

Thanks for passing that on Anssi greatly appreciated